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Jon Alan Morgan was born on September 24, 1974 in Ann Arbor, Mi to parents Dennis and Sandra Morgan. He has one sister, Amy Gauthier.


Primary School
Jon attended school in the following buildings:

  • 1921 Building (Kindergarten) – 1980

  • Primary Building – 1981

  • Village Elementary – 1982 – 1986

  • Farms Middle School – 1986 – 1989

  • Hartland High School – 1989 – 1993

  • Middle School

Jon participated in the band program all three years that he was at the middle school. He played the clarinet.

Jon was also a member of the Junior Honor Society during the eighth grade.

High School
During his time at the high school, Jon continued to participate in the band program. He switched from the clarinet to the bass clarinet, then later the alto saxophone, and baritone saxophone (for Jazz Band). He also worked on the student newspaper for three of the four years that he was in high school, serving as editor for the last two.


Jon graduated from Central Michigan University in 1997 with a major in Journalism and a minor in sociology. During his time at CMU, he worked as a reporter for the CM Life, and volunteered with the student-run comedy skit show “JC and the Mangy Goat Herders.” He also worked as a lab consultant for Computer Services.


Jon and Theresa met in 1995 while they were both attending CMU. Their first encounter occurred at the Woldt-Emmons Computer lab where Jon worked as a consultant, and Theresa was a frequent visitors.

They went on their first date in the winter of 1996.

Their wedding was on July 10, 1999. Most of the planning for the wedding occurred while Jon was working for the Cromaine Library and Theresa was student teaching. Before their wedding they moved to Haslett so that they would be close to Jon’s job with the Michigan State Medical Society.

Later that year, they moved to a two bedroom unit in preparation for the arrival of their first child. On September 23, 2000, Kayla Elizabeth Morgan was born. The family of three lived in the third floor apartment until they moved to a townhouse at Arbor Point in West Lansing.

In 2001, Jon began working for Special Olympics Michigan in Michigan. Soon after, they began to make room for their second born child, Joshua Alan Morgan. In the spring of 2001 they moved to an apartment in Shepherd, Michigan to reduce Jon’s commuting distance to work.

On November 11, 2002, Josh was born.

Jon lost his job with Special Olympics in the spring of 2002. Theresa began working for Walmart that winter. In 2003 Jon began working for Dow Chemical.

Now a family of four, they moved from their two bedroom apartment at Tara Court to a three bedroom duplex on Clark Street, where they are currently living.

On February 1, 2013, they welcomed their third child, Elijah Jacob Morgan, into the world.


In the Fall of 1997 Jon began working for an Internet Service Provider in Howell called HomeTown Online as a web developer and helpdesk technician. During his time there, he developed websites for local realtors, the city of Brighton, and a car dealership. He also produced the company’s first and only pamphlet and worked to bridge the gap between the ISP and the newspaper staff. Jon left in 1999 when the company was closed down. (HomeTown Online was owned by HomeTown Newspapers).

During the Summer of 1999, Jon worked part-time for the Cromaine Library. It was a short stint because later that same summer he moved on to a position with the Michigan State Medical Society.

He left MSMS in 2001 because of downsizing. In the winter of 2002, he began working for Special Olympics Michigan as a web developer and PR Assistant. During his time there, he completed a redesign of the organization’s website, the creation of a monthly newsletter, and coordinated several banquets and other PR events.

In 2003, Jon joined the team at Dow Chemical’s Videoconference Support helpdesk, where he routinely answered tech support calls and connected videoconference calls for meetings. He was soon transferred to Dow Chemical’s training center where he was responsible for preparing the conference rooms there for meetings and managing the equipment.

Jon’s most recent job change brought him to a non-profit organization called Partnership for Learning, now called EduGuide, where is currently working as a Manager of Web Services. His responsibilities include project management, user support, QA testing, and usability research.

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